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U.S. Chess

USCF Player Ratings

USCF is the official sanctioning body for over the board tournament play in the US. With over 90,000 members, USCF offers something for every player, from beginner to Grandmaster! In addition to rating tournaments, the USCF supports and promotes chess activities throughout the US and publishes Chess Life, and Chess Life for Kids, two national magazines for members.  ...and much more.


The Chess Cafe

A terrific web site
for serious players!

"The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare!"  This site can be overwhelming to beginners, but is one of the core chess sites on the Internet.  Each week, as a service to their readers, they send out an e-mail newsletter, This Week at The Chess Cafe.  Check it out if you are serious about your chess.


American Go

The national organization of go players in the US. Go is an ancient Asian board game which combines simple rules with the basic elements of line and circle, black and white, wood and stone, to create a game even older than chess.  Like chess, "go" (or "weiqui") has analogies with life which allow it to transcend being merely a game.


Area Go Links  

A link page for all those looking for local Go action .



The (Former) Chess Club
at Lakeforest Mall

(The End of an Era!  LFM has Closed)

(Last Update 9/17/23) 
701 Russell Avenue
Montgomery Village
in Gaithersburg, MD

The Chess Club at Lakeforest Mall - pre-COVID-shutdown.

Chess players in the food court,
"Cafes In the Forest"
(LFM has closed)

     This club was the only place in Montgomery County both centrally located and available at no charge to everyone seven-days-a-week.  It was the largest free chess club in the state of Maryland.  Since early 2001, or so, Lakeforest Mall (LFM) permited us to utilize space in their food court.  The chess club area was located next to the windows, adjacent to Central Newsstand.  Several years ago, the mall management generously supplied us with twelve chess-tables. The club's activities were sponsored by the C&O Family Chess Center and players like you. 

t's not always fun losing to a girl!  ...but it's fun watching!

Saturday was a great day for chess kids! 


In the past, the C&O Family Chess Center sponsored both club-rated and USCF-rated (national) tournaments for those who wanted to experience this exciting aspect of chess. 


                   Regular players came from all over the world.  Here anyone can relax and have fun.



Trophies from 2005 Summer Challenge-Ladder Tournament


We miss you all!

Omar Pancoast, Senior Coach