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Chess.com Registration Instructions

All C&O students should register on Chess.com to access additional instruction, and regular practice with other students and staff.


 ESSENTIAL CHESS CURRICULUM SUMMARIES (Students should all have these print-outs.)

Chess Notation

Opening Basics

The 10 Bad Moves








C&O Family Chess Center
217 West Diamond Avenue
Gaithersburg, MD  20877-2106

B. Ross Pancoast, Director

Omar Pancoast, Senior Chess Coach
Carolyn Pancoast, Program Director

(Under Construction - Last Update 06/06/24)

2024 Summer Programs
Watch this page for updates!


"Big Chess" on the Chess Center porch                                 Morning Program, August, 2005     C&O-FCC

A "motley crew," Week 8 Campers                                  Morning Program, August, 2008     C&O-FCC

2024 Summer Programs 
Two options - Full and Half Day

  Week 1: June 17 - 21 at C&O Family Chess Center

 Week 2: June 24 - 28 at C&O Family Chess Center
(Off-site program cancelled. Limited PM Zoom program available*)

July 1 - 5  VACATION
Week 3: July 8 - 12 at C&O Family Chess Center
Week 4: July 15 - 19 at C&O Family Chess Center
(Off-site program cancelled. Limited PM Zoom program available*)

July 22 - 26  VACATION
Week 5: July 29 - August 2 at C&O Family Chess Center
 Week 6: August 5 - 9 at C&O Family Chess Center

August 12 - 16 VACATION

Week 7: August 19 - 23 at C&O Family Chess Center

ENROLLMENT: Registration at the Center limited to 13 full day students (entering Gr. 1-8)
 phone 301-712-8564 (Ross Pancoast) with questions


     These programs are organized and directed by well known area chess coach, Ross Pancoast, assisted by FIDE Master Luke Wong, Senior Coach Omar Pancoast and other C&O staff.  Chess activities will include individual and group instruction for beginning & intermediate players, problems & puzzles, competition against online players, "bughouse" & more. 

Two Regular Program Sections Each Week:

     A)     Full Day Chess & Activities (1st-8th)         9 AM - 4 PM  

   B)     Half-day Mornings (1st-8th - chess only)   9 AM - Noon



       A) "Chess & Activities" - Afternoon activities may include board & strategy games, outdoor play in our spacious back-yard playground, trips to local & state parks and recreation areas, and other activities.  Suitable for all ages. limited to 13 students.  Register early - this section fills first!


     B) Morning Chess (9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon) Beginner & Intermediate instructional program (see above). Recommended for younger students. Limited enrollment (5).

*Off-site Program cancelled.  Limited afternoon 'Zoom' class for ratings 400 to 1200 (USCF or Chess.com) by Coach's approval only (1:00-4:00 PM). Contact CoachOmar on Chess.com or at OPancoast3@gmail.com.
    Tuition $200 1st week $150/week additional weeks.




    All students will receive access to chess study materials, a club-rating, and a free membership in the Chess.com on-line program.


 ENROLLMENT:  Registration limited to 13 full day (5 half day) students per week.


                    Full-Day Sections: $360 1st week 

                                   $330/week additional weeks   


                    Half-Day Sections: $190 1st week  

                                    $180/week additional weeks


                    Before-Care Daily : 8-9 AM $15

                    After-Care Daily:   4-5 PM $15



or phone: 301-712-8564 with questions.

All sessions take place at the
C&O Family Chess Center
217 West Diamond Avenue
Gaithersburg, MD  20877

registration may be made using the forms linked above. 

If you can't access forms, you may request them from us by E-mail or phone.
Online registration may be made at

E-mail: Redross26chess@gmail.com
Phone: 301-712-8564


  Some Past Summer Program Pictures & References 


Swimming Hole Swing at Seneca Creek, Week 7              Full Day Program, August, 2008     C&O-FCC 

"My daughter... in a year long chess program with coach Omar... loved it.  ...I was impressed with [his] teaching skills and knowledge.  His methods are well suited to children of all ages. ...Our daughter is excited to continue with coach Omar again..."                                                                           -- Mr. & Mrs. M. Munter, Bethesda, MD 

     "On the C&O Canal," Week 8                                            Full Day Program, August, 2008     C&O-FCC

"Our son... has absolutely loved your scholastic and camp programs and looks forward to them - chess has become an important hobby and interest of his... a passion... Great work by you all!"     -- Mr. & Mrs. P. Koenig, Poolesville, MD

"Opening the Lock," C&O Canal, Week 8                                         Full Day Program, August, 2008     C&O-FCC

"My daughter... has been going to their chess classes... for 4 years [and also] to Spring Break and Summer sessions.  ...This is one thing that she never needs to be pushed to.  She has made great progress [and] is a decent chess player now. ...They are skillful and professional."                                                    -- Mrs. J. Sun, Germantown, MD

 "My son... really enjoyed the programs... and also the Black Knights tournaments...  [He] started with a minimum experience and within 3 years he was able to compete at the national and international level.  We as parents... really enjoyed every moment to be involved with the chess center... I would definitely recommend... the C&O Chess Center
as a great option to play and learn chess."        -- Dr. N. Shankar, MD, Germantown, MD 

 Chess in Seneca Creek State Park                                                  Full Day Program, July, 2003     C&O-FCC

"My daughter,... 7, has not attended any of the camps.  However, she has been enrolled in the Saturday Morning Chess Club at Lakeforest Mall for almost a year now. I must say that [she] very much enjoys going there... She has improved her chess skills over the year and I hope she will do the same in the Fall again.  She benefits from the environment the
club provides... plays games with other kids and with my help goes over the analysis [provided].  [Coach Omar] has been able to give her several one-on-one lessons which are very useful in understanding subtleties of the game.  ...To conclude, the chess club... has been a very conducive atmosphere for my daughter to learn chess." 

-- Mr. R. Tumkur, Rockville, MD


Tubing on Seneca Creek                                                                  Full Day Program, June, 2006     C&O-FCC


At Cunningham Falls                                                                                    Full Day Program, June, 2006     C&O-FCC


            "At the Top," Sugarloaf Mountain                Full Day Program, August, 2005     C&O-FCC

A "motley crew," Week 8 Campers                        Morning Program, August, 2008     C&O-FCC