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This is our C&O
practice web site.
Basic rules, piece
names and moves,
as well as other
basics for new, or
novice, players are
covered on this free,
inter-active site from


"Chess Basics..."
"PDF" file (.pdf)

A 34 page introduction
to the rules, moves, and
basic strategies of chess.




Pawn & Piece Tutorials (.pdf)

General Instructions
& Pawn Tutors

Do this first. (10 pages)

Rook Tutors (1-4)
(8 pages)

Bishop & Queen

(4 pages)

Knight Tutors &
Knight & Bishop

(4 pages)






















C&O Family Chess Center
Links, Downloads, etc. 
(Updated 01/13/23)


C&O Meet & Chat
(free Zoom session)

Most Saturday mornings at 09:00

     The Zoom link will normally become active at about 08:55.  However, if no one has connected on Zoom by 09:15 the meeting may be ended by the host.  If you have trouble with the above link, here is the specific web address:

Meeting ID: 822 0874 2596
Passcode: chess

      I do not believe you will need the separate Meeting ID and Passcode as they are included in the link, but I provide them as they show up on my Zoom master-window.  The link is the one used for all of Coach Omar's Zoom classes and it is sometimes possible to reach him Mon. - Thur. by logging on at about 5:30 (at the end of his class). 
     If you wish, please Email Coach Omar or Coach Ross to arrange a phone or Zoom contact for a different time.

C&O Basic Videos

How to Create a account (video) Registration Instructions (.pdf) "Solo Chess" instructions (video)


YouTube Chess Videos

Some Direct Links:
     Students and parents are reminded that YouTube has many different topics and choices, many of which may be inappropriate for children. This can even be true when searching chess videos.  Children's use of YouTube may be extremely helpful, but should be monitored regularly and carefully by parents. In our instruction, we regularly caution students about responsible internet use but parents must remain the primary supervisors. Beginner Videos

St. Louis Chess Club Beginner Videos

The Chess Website Beginner Videos

ChessNetwork Beginner Videos


      The following are C&O .pdf downloads, of recommended chess videos available on You may access individual videos by typing, or copying, the video name into the YouTube "search" box.

YouTube Videos - 01 Beginner (new players)

YouTube Videos - 02 Novice (levels 1-4)

YouTube Videos - 03 Beyond Novice (levels 5-8)

YouTube Videos - 04 Int-Adv (levels 9-12 and up)

YouTube Videos - Introduction to Openings (levels 5-12 and up)

YouTube Videos - Players & Games (levels 5-12 and up)

Other Useful Links
     The website where our students may practice with coaches, each other, and players from around the world, for free. Premium upgrades are available when more advanced students are ready.  Download registration instructions here.
     A recommended website for additional study. ChessTempo has a great database, tactical problem puzzles, and more. Initial registration is free and premium upgrades are available when more advanced students are ready. Students may use the same username, password, and E-mail, when registering (for ease of remembering). 

Maryland Chess Association (MCA)
     Our state association. Local and regional tournaments are listed here, including many "scholastic" tournaments. USCF membership (see below) is required to play in most tournaments.

United States Chess Federation (USCF)
     The official sanctioning body for "over the board" tournament play in the U.S.  Student membership is required to play in state and national tournaments. Some local tournament information may be found here as well.